How will you and your business capitalize on the foot traffic impact of Pokémon GO?

According to CBRE Blueprint's Tony Sheehan

"Gamification is defined as “the application of typical elements of game playing to other areas of activity.” 

By assigning points to steps taken, wearables have inspired millions to get in better shape. Children are learning to code through apps that teach them the building blocks of how coding language is structured. Gamification works. 

So why not use it for building a better sense of awareness of the built environment around us?"

One thing is already clear: more people than ever are out and about, exploring your city en masse, at this very moment. Whether it's silly to you or not, Pokémon GO may actually be the first real estate technology game -- and its consequences may end up being massive for local businesses and non-profits.

Similar to Blockchain technology, experts are unsure how much of an impact Pokémon GO will have on the commercial real estate industry. 

This begs the question: If CBRE is paying close attention to this hyperlocal phenomenon, can you afford not to?