If you're interested in real estate and its relationship with emerging technology, life gets more exciting every day. 

It seems as though real estate tech in the United Kingdom (#PropTech) and the United States (#CREtech) are now seriously seeing each other. 

Why this matters to the real estate industry:

  • 2016's breakthroughs in real estate partnerships are forming a global, technological revolution.
  • With the UK and the US partnering on property technology innovation, two global superpowers are beginning to unite in a single purpose: to accelerate a $68 billion asset class. (India is not far behind)

Franco Faraudopenned three wonderful pieces for CRE.tech this week better explaining the seismic shift in the built environment:

  1. An American Real Estate Tech Startup in London
  2. VTS CEO Nick Romito on London Real Estate Tech
  3. MetaProp NYC’s Aaron Block on London Real Estate Tech
  4. Hightower CEO Brandon Weber on London Real Estate Tech